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Secretary's Report

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Well another year bites the dust! And as always I intend to keep my report for 2016 as short as I can. After the couple of hectic years during 2013/14 the decision was taken to recharge the batteries and the clubs accounts, so things have been relatively quiet within the club again this year. I feel sure the Treasurer will expand on the details but in précis the club has, metaphorically, kept its head above water and is in a good position to continue moving forward.


Martin’s contract is in the process of being reviewed. Once completed it is hoped that Martin will agree to it and remain as a fixture for the next couple of years at least.


My outlook on the year is;


That the Committee and the Officers have, on your behalf, continued to steer the club in the right direction.

The administration of the club continues to ensure that the club procedures are correct and that, as far as we are aware, all of the mandatory requirements are met.

The facilities of the club are in great demand which means there are very few days in the year when there is no use of those facilities. These ‘Non member’ activities are beneficial to the income of the club but we need to ensure that they remain within the legislation for Private Members Clubs and some checks are ongoing to ensure that we do comply.


Club Social and other Activities.


I have to admit that, even after the message I put out last year about the very sporadic support from members for social events, things have failed to improve. Carol Rodney and her team try so hard to arrange social events for the members but it would appear that this is either not appreciated or is not what the members want. I am sure it will be a subject that the new committee will discuss fairly early on so if you want to have some input please speak to a committee member about it.

The other activities such as Skittles, Pool, Cribbage and more recently Darts are as popular as ever and, where space etc permits, are expanding.

The total number of members belonging to the club stands at 571 with 4 new applications in the pipeline. This is some 29 members down as at the end of 2016.

To close I would like to thank you for attending and showing interest in the AGM and for continuing to support the club. You are approximately 5% of the total membership; it is such a shame that the other 95% do not show the same interest. Finally but very importantly, and I think I speak for all of those members who do care, I would like to add my thanks to the Treasurer, the Committee, the Steward and all of the other staff for what they do on our behalf.

Norman W J Minty


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