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Wyvern club Update

Dear Members.
Hope you are all well and keeping yourselves as safe as possible. Although we have reached the promised Freedom Day things are still not looking good on the covid front. It is with that in mind we have decided to follow the trend in Devizes and proceed with caution, so the following steps will remain in place for the foreseeable future, all be it in a more relaxed manor.
Although it will not be compulsory to wear a mask, we would prefer you do so when walking about in the club especially at busy periods and when approaching the bar.
The bar.
You may approach the bar to buy a drink, however no more than 3 people at the bar at any one time and once you have been served, please do not stand at, or congregate near the bar.
We will try to seat members in the bar where possible to get things as normal as possible how ever it may be necessary to have some seating in the hall.
We would also like to remind you that your memberships require to be updated before the 31stJuly 21.
Forthcoming Events
AGM. Friday 23rd July 21
Family Day and BBQ. Saturday 21st August 21
Halloween. Saturday 30th October 21
Pantomime. Sunday 28th November 21 (Red Riding Hood)
Christmas Draw/Lunch. Sunday 12th December 21
Children’s Christmas Party. Saturday !9th December
The Committee.

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