The Wyvern Club Rules


(as amended in December 2014)


1. The name of the Club shall be The Wyvern Club, Devizes.

2. The premises of the Club shall be at 51A Church Walk, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 3AA or at such address as the Club may in a General Meeting decide.


3.1 To foster a spirit of mutual understanding, within a comfortable atmosphere, which encourages social interaction and a caring approach to the well-being of all of the fellow members of the Club.

3.2 To Support and give aid, where practical, to charitable organisations and service associations within the Devizes community area.


4. The Club shall be a private individual member’s club and shall consist of life members, full members, country members and youth members.

5. The following persons are eligible to apply to become full members:-

· Any member of the armed forces. past or present, who is a resident of Devizes or the immediate area .

· Any person judged to be of sound character and integrity that will make a fitting contribution to the well being of the Club.

5.1  Persons must be over the age of eighteen to be eligible for any category of membership except youth membership.

Any application for membership must be submitted, in writing, on the official application form.

6. Every candidate for full membership must be proposed by a member of the Club and the proposal must be seconded by another member. The Proposer and Second must be full members (having been full members for at least one year) and both must vouch for the candidate’s fitness for membership. The name and address of every candidate proposed for membership, together with the names of the Proposer and Second shall, for a period of at least six clear days before such candidates are elected, be posted in the Club in the manner prescribed in rule 29.

Election to membership shall be accepted or rejected by the Club in a General Meeting or by the General Committee or the Officers of the Club. No reasons shall be given to any candidate in the event of rejection.

7. Life members, who shall not be liable to pay any annual subscription but shall be entitled toall the privileges of membership, may be elected by the Club in a General Meeting. There shall not be more than twenty life members at any one time.

8. No person shall be admitted to full membership until they have been elected as detailed in rule 6. They must pay, to the Treasurer, the appropriate fee and first annual subscription before their membership is confirmed.

9. No person shall be admitted to membership, or to any of the privileges of membership. until at least six clear days have passed between their application for membershipbeing received and their application for membership being agreed.

Committee and Officers

10. The affairs of the Club in all matters, other than those that within these rules are reserved for a General Committee Meeting, shall be managed by the General Committee of the Club.

The General Committee and the Officers of the Club shall conduct all such matters, and or business, for the good of the Club and the membership as a whole.

In order to avoid the potential for repetitive conflicts of interest a Club member may not be nominated as a candidate for the posts of Treasurer. Secretary or as a member of the General Committee under the following circumstances:-

· When applied, specifically, to any member holding, or who has held an equivalent post or position of authority, at any other similar club or establishment, within the local area, during the preceding two years.

The General Committee shall consist of not less than five or more than eleven full members of the Club. They shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

A maximum of six elected members will be allowed to remain on the General Committee, unopposed, for a second year in order to ensure continuity. Thereafter they shall stand down but will remain eligible for re-election in the normal manner.The year of election or re-election shall count as year one in the sequence.

The General Committee may appoint one or more Sub Committees for such purposes as it may deem appropriate.

Four members shall constitute a quorum of the General Committee. Two members shall form a quorum of a Sub Committee.

The General Committee shall elect a Chairman at the first formal meeting of that Committee after the Annual General Meeting.

11. There shall be a Secretary and a Treasurer who will become Officers of the Club. They shall be elected by the Club in a General Meeting from among the life and full members of the Club. Should toe need arise, other Officers may be appointed at a General Meeting.

The Secretary, the Treasurer and every other such Officer shall act in accordance with the directions of the General Committee of the club.

The Secretary, on behalf of the Club, is authorised to employ domestic staff and other club servants as may be necessary for the efficient and economical running of the Club. The Secretary also has the authority, within the current laws appertaining to it, to terminate any such employment.

The Treasurer and Secretary may be paid an annual Honorarium at a figure authorised by the General Committee.


12. There shall be two Trustees of the Club. The Trustees shall be appointed as necessary by the Club, in a General Meeting, from among life or full members who are willing to be so appointed. A Trustee shall hold office for life, or until resigning. Notice of resignation is to be given in writing to the General Committee. A resolution to remove a Trustee from Office may be submitted and voted upon at a General Meeting of the Club. A majority comprising two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote is required.

13. All of the property of the Club, including land and investments shall be held by the Trustees in their own names. However, it is held for the use and benefit of the Club.

On the death, resignation or removal from office of a Trustee, the General Committee shall take steps to secure the appointment a new Trustee. They shall also, and as soon as possible, ensure the legal transfer of the responsibilities to the new Trustee once that person has been appointed.

The Trustees shall represent the Club according to the directions of the General Committee. They shall have power to sell, lease, mortgage or pledge any Club property for the purpose of raising or borrowing money for the benefit of the Club. No purchaser, lessee or mortgagee shall be concerned to enquire whether any such direction has been given.

Subscriptions, Finances and Accounts

14. The annual subscription for any class of membership shall be a sum agreed by the General Committee. This subscription may be increased or otherwise by the General Committee due to inflation or other extenuating circumstances.

The Club Secretary is authorised to allow an applicant for membership to pay a reduced subscription for any period of less than one year, dependant on the month the new applicant is accepted as a member. The subscription for a new member who is accepted as a member from the 1st October in any year shall continue over the following year before renewal of their membership subscription is required.

15. Annual subscriptions shall be paid by a new member on being accepted for membership as detailed in rule 8, and by all members on the I st January in every year without demand. The General Committee may terminate the membership of any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid by the determined closing date, which will normally be the 31st January. The Secretary shall post a list of names in the Club of those persons who have ceased to be members for this reason.

16. The Treasurer shall keep such proper books of account which he/she will be required to present at every Annual General Meeting of the Club or at any other time, with reasonable notice, if required by the General Committee. This will include an accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club, with a separate statement regarding the purchase and supply of tobacco and intoxicating liquor for the preceding year or the current year as the case may be.

Intoxicating Liquor

17. The General Committee shall arrange the supply of intoxicating liquor by the Club.

The General Committee is responsible to ensure the supply, sale and disposal of intoxicating liquor is in compliance with the Licensing Acts and Regulations, appertaining to Licensed Clubs and Licensed Premises, as set out by the appropriate authorities both National and Local.

18. The supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club and on the Club Premises shall be permitted during the hours for which the Club is licensed. The timings shall be set by the General Committee.

Intoxicating liquor mayonly be supplied by and onbehalf of the Club on the Club premises. It may only be supplied to members, member’s guests or to the patrons of a private function authorised to take place on the Club premises. It will only be supplied at the price agreed and set by the General Committee.

19. No person shall be paid a commission, percentage or similar payment for the purchase of intoxicating liquor by the Club. No person shall directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club apart from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole.

General Meetings

20. An Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held every year, and there shall not be more than fifteen months between one Annual General Meeting and the next. Notice of the date and time of the Annual General Meeting shall be posted in the Club as detailed in rule 29 for a period of at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.

21. A General Meeting of the Club may be summoned by thirty members (each being entitled under rule 22 to vote) delivering a written request to the General Committee. A General Meeting shall be summoned by the General Committee by placing a notice in the Club Premises, in the manner detailed in rule 29, for a period of at least fourteen days before the meeting. This period may be reduced at the discretion of the General Committee if the urgency of the business to be discussed so requires.

The Club president is authorised to endeavour, on behalf of the membership, to establish the validity and authenticity of any intended proposition under Rule 21 and, if democratically possible, to otherwise resolve any issue mutually with the sponsors.

This is of significant importance if ‘dissolution’ is sought by any such proposition.

22. At any General Meeting of the Club every member of the Club shall be entitled to be present. Every full, life or country member shall be. entitled to one vote for each question raised. In the case of an even vote, the Chairman of the meeting (who shall be a member of the Club elected for the occasion by the members attending before any other business is discussed) shall have a second or casting vote. The Secretary shall take minutes of the proceedings at all General Meetings of the Club.


23. Members may introduce and entertain guests at the Club. If the guest lives in or within a ten-mile radius of Devizes, they shall not be admitted as a guest more than three times a year.

A Visitors’ Book, that both the member and guest shall sign, is to be kept on the club premises.

The member introducing a guest shall be responsible for the guest and shall ensure the guest observes the Club Rules and By-laws.

The Member introducing the guest shall not leave the Club premises before the guest.

No person whose membership of the Club has been terminated under rule 28, or is at the time suspended under rule 26, or whose application for membership has at any time been rejected, shall be introduced as a guest.


24. The General Committee may from time to time make, vary and revoke by-laws (which should not be inconsistent with these rules) and make policies for the regulation of the affairs of the Club and the conduct of the members. By-laws in force shall be binding on all members and their guests.

Conduct of Members

25. No betting shall be allowed in the club.

No lottery shall be promoted by any member or Officer of the Club on behalf of, or in any way connected with the Club, without previous written authority of the General Committee.

Gaming shall be permitted in the Club provided it is in compliance with the Licensing Acts and Regulations, appertaining to Licensed Clubs and Licensed Premises, as set out by the appropriate authorities both National and Local.

26. The General Committee may suspend the membership of any member whose conduct, whether on the Club premises or elsewhere, is or has been, in the opinion of the Committee, contrary to the interests of the Club or injurious to its reputation.

27. Immediately upon suspension of a member under rule 26 the General Committee shall:-

· Cause a General Committee Meeting to be convened at the earliest practical date, but not later than thirty days following the suspension.

· Give notice to the suspended member, at their address as last notified to the Secretary under rule 29, of their suspension and include the date and location of the General Committee Meeting related to the suspension and inform them, that if they so desire, they may be present at the said Meeting.

28. At the General Committee Meeting any allegations against the suspended Member shall be related (in their presence if they attend) to the Meeting by a member of the General Committee.The suspended Member shall (if they desire) be allowed to answer the allegations. At. the discretion of the Chairman and the Committee, and if necessary, a reasonable adjournment of the Meeting may be called to enable the Member to prepare their answer. The decision by the General Committee, on behalf of the Club, either at the Meeting or post adjournment Meeting, as to whether to reinstate the suspended Member or to terminate their membership shall be taken by vote, the outcome of which shall be final and conclusive.


29. It is the responsibility of each member to keep the Secretary informed, at the Secretary’s office on the Club premises, of their private address or other address at which correspondence can be sent to them. It shall not be necessary to send any notice intended for members by post or otherwise, except in the case of the notice convening a General Meeting for any of the purposes of rule 32. All notices shall be posted in a prominent position on the Club premises and in a part of the Club frequented by members. It is the duty of the Secretary to ensure that any such notice remains exhibited throughout any period required under these rules.

Alteration of Rules

30. These rules may be revoked, added to or altered by a majority comprising two-thirds or more ofthe members present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting of the Club under rule 20 or rule 21, the notice of which must specify the intention to propose the revocation, addition or alteration with full particulars of the changes.

Exclusion of liability

31. The Club, the Officers of the Club, the members of the General Committee and the employees of the Club shall not be liable to any member, guest of a member or patron to a private function for the loss of or damage to any property occurring, from whatever cause, in or about the Club Premises. They shall not be liable for any injury sustained by any member, guest of a member or patron to a private function whilst on or entering or leaving the Club Premises. A notice to this effect shall be displayed in a prominent position on the Club Premises permanently.


32. If the number of full members of the Club shall at any time fall below ten, or if at any time a General Meeting passes, by a majority comprising two-thirds or more of the members present and entitled to vote, a resolution of the intention to dissolve the Club (in this rule called “the first resolution”).

The General Committee shall request the Trustees to take immediate steps to convert into money all of the property of the Club. However, they have the authority to postpone or , delay the conversion of any particular property of the Club, which a General Meeting shall so authorise.

Out of the proceeds of such conversion, the Trustees shall discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club, including the expenses of such conversion.

Any balance remaining in the hands of the Trustees shall be disposed of by them as the Club in a General Meeting shall decide and the Club shall for all purposes be dissolved.

If the Club shall not, within six months of the date of the first resolution, decide upon the way in which to dispose of any such balance, the balance shall be divided equally between all persons who were life or full members of the Club at the date of the first resolution.

The Secretary shall send by post a copy of the notice convening a General Meeting under this rule to every member at the address last notified to the Secretary under rule 29.This should happen with the intention that the letter arrives with the addressee not less than fourteen days before the date of the General Meeting. Any accidental omission to send such copy or the non-receipt of the same shall not invalidate any proceedings or resolution.



  1. The Social Committee is to determine the charges for entry to Club Functions.
  2.  The Secretary is to raise a contract for the main hirers of the club facilities.
  3.  Annual Membership renewal will be conducted by a box being placed on the bar for 2 months (Ist December – 31 st January). Renewals will close at the end of January each year. Anyone who has not paid by this time will have to renew their membership including the joining fee. At this time normal Club Rules apply with the application being displayed for a minimum of 6 clear days between applying and membership being granted. It should also be noted that membership can be refused at this time.
  4.  Members will be allowed to enter the Club up until last orders are called. · The Duty Committee Member must find a replacement if unable to attend a duty.
  5.  The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Honorarium are to be reviewed by the General Committee every 12 months prior to the AGM.
  6.  Members rejoining after a period of absence will have to pay a joining fee unless a valid reason is given, in writing, to the Secretary.
  7.  Children under the age of 14 will be allowed in the Club up until 2200 hrs. (Exceptions to this rule may be granted for children attending a function in the main hall). At no time may they approach the bar, in the Members Lounge, past the designated point. · Parents with ‘babes in arms’ are allowed past the designated point for children in the Members Lounge area on the strict understanding that the ‘babes’ are not allowed to wander or cause an obstruction.
  8.  Allmembers of Skittles Teams using the Wyvern Club as their Home Venue are required, as a qualification for using the Club & associated facilities, to be fully paid up members.
  9.  If any Committee Member misses three consecutive General Committee Meetings without just cause they may be removed from the Committee.
  10.  The wearing of clothing deemed inappropriate or offensive to good order or conduct within the Club is not permitted. Offenders will be asked to remove any such items of clothing or be asked to leave the Club. Repeat or serious offenders will be reported to the Committee for possible further action.
  11.   Any member of the Wyvern Club may informally approach a Duty Committee Member or the Club Steward and bring to their attention any incident or complaint that is occurring at the time within or on the premises of the Wyvern Club. The incident or complaint will be investigated and every attempt to resolve any issue, to the satisfaction of all concerned parties, will be made at the time of it being reported.If an incident or complaint cannot be resolved at the time, the Duty Committee Member or Club Steward will, if the incident or complaint warrants it, escalate the matter for deliberation at the next meeting of the General Committee. All parties concerned will be made aware of this decision. The members involved will be given the opportunity to personally submit, in writing, information pertinent to the incident or complaint that they wish to bring to the attention of the General Committee for deliberation. Any correspondence must be signed and dated by the author (e-mails with an electronic signature are acceptable).Any member of the Club can make representation to the General Committee on any matter, be it management, membership, disciplinary, rules etc, at any time; however, this must be in writing and be signed and dated by the author (e-mails with an electronic signature are acceptable). At no time will the General Committee deliberate on matters of hearsay, unsubstantiated claims or correspondence that is unsigned.The General Committee may, if pertinent to their enquiries and deliberations, invite interested parties to attend any Meeting(s) convened to resolve the issue in hand. Any decision reached by the General Committee is final and not open to any appeal process. Any decision or ruling regarding the matter in hand will be communicated to all interested parties by letter or e-mail.